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Dr. Kavita Vijit, M.D.S.
Pediatric & Preventive Dentist
Dr. Vijit Narayana, M.D.S.
Cosmetic Dentist & Root Canal Specialist
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Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Dental Care

We at Innocent Smiles realise that, the foundation of a healthy mouth is laid right from the time the first tooth erupts… and pediatric dentists plays an indispensable role in help building a strong foundation. The scope of pediatric dentistry is way beyond the customary saying “ it has to go anyway!!!”.More than ever, early detection and timely intervention is most important in growing age. Therefore at our practice we stress on the need of a proper preventive approach.

Preventive dental care

Periodic Fluoride application & Sealing of Potential Pit & Fissure are the most effective method to prevent caries in children & adolescents.


Annual application of Fluorides strengthens your teeth and makes them resistant to decay.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Sealants are biocompatible resins, which are used to seal away the irregularities on tooth surface called Pits & Fissures. These irregularities may otherwise harbor caries producing bacteria, causing decay.

Restorative Dental care

Small cavities if ignored can lead to larger cavities and even pain & swelling. So it is important to fill them as soon as they are detected. We use the best & latest filling materials that are apt for your little ones.

Pediatric Root Canals

If decay extends to the deeper layers of your childs milk tooth, the pediatric root canal treatments like pulpotomy and pulpectomy offer pain relief and at the same time help to maintain the tooth in the oral cavity till exfoliation (shedding).

Stainless steel Crowns

Also called the IRON MAN of Pediatric Dentistry, Stainless steel crowns keep baby teeth protected from all sides, thus preventing their early breakdown

Zirconia Crowns

Kids do enjoy esthetics as much as adults do… a beautiful smile is equally cherished.
With rising demand for esthetics in children, we are one of the pioneers in offering Zirconia and other high strength tooth coloured pediatric crowns for both anterior and posterior teeth.

Space Maintainers

Sometimes baby teeth may have to be extracted long before their expected time of exfoliation. In such times space maintainers need to be placed to preserve space for the developing permanent teeth which may come into the mouth only after a long time

Habit Breakers

Bad oral habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing will lead to irreversible effects on jaws and teeth if ignored. Habit breaking appliances help correct these habits and prevent their side effects.

Jaw Bone Growth Modifications

Discrepancies in the growth of upper & lower jaws can be corrected using Myofunctional& Orthopedic Appliances. These discrepancies cannot be corrected by braces alone.

If done at proper stage of growth, these give much better result. Moreover, it can even avoid the need of a surgery to correct these discrepancies at a later age.

GenaralAnaesthesia or Sleep Dentistry

We are attached to Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad, for procedures under General Anesthesia, which may be needed in case of very young children or for those who lack ability to cooperate with long dental appointments.